M.A.C. Industries

Mission Statement.
M.A.C. Industries's mission is to maximize independence for disabled adults by providing vocational training in a successful, versatile business.

About M.A.C.
M.A.C. Industries is a vocational training center that provides assessment, individualized goal and objectives, job skills training, social skills training, and job seeking skills to individuals that qualify for the program. We provide training in the following areas: laundry service, assembly/production line work, screen printing, janitorial duties, and kitchen help. Individuals are paid wages based on their productivity.

Supportive Employment
Supportive Employment enables people with disabilities to become employed at jobs in their own communities while on-going services are provided by employment training specialists. Typical support services consist of job development, on-the-job training, training for job-related skills and on-going follow-up services to help employees retain their jobs.

We Make Abilities Count!

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