Adult Program

Our mission is to provide educational/habilitation service that enable us to give handicapped adults and their families options in their pursuit of independance and a better quailty of life.

Forrester-Davis Development Center provides services to adults 18 year of age and older who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability. Each individual served has an Individual Program Plan based on their personal needs and desires. The staff take pride in providing quality service to enhance the life of each person served. Many individuals served have gained the skills needed to live in their own homes with assistance.

Daily Living Skills

Recreation and Leisure

Individuals receive hands-on training in the following areas: cooking, household chores, and personal hygiene.
A healthy lifestyle is the goal of the Recreation/Leisure classes. Individuals enjoy exercise, sewing, and being part of the Singing Falcons Choir.
Social and Community

Basic Fundamentals

Individuals gain skills related to reading, writing, community awareness, and money/budgeting skills.

This class teaches basic work skills, through activities such as recycling and parts assembly. Individuals can advance to M.A.C. Industries upon completion of class goals.

Job Skills

Individuals gain social skills such as character developmment, self esteem building, sign language, body language, and behavior skills.

Individuals within the Job Skills Classroom obtain workforce development skills such as job seeking, interviewing techniques, interest inventories, workplace etiquette, as well as obtaining a driver’s license. These skills assist these individuals in developing independence and a better quality of life. Individuals also have the opportunity to further their job skills within the M.A.C Snack Shack. M.A.C Snack Shack provides our consumers with a store function in a community-like setting. Our consumers are able to select and purchase their own items as they would within a store. The Snack Shack also provides our consumers with the opportunity to become a Snack Shack employee when applying by application, attending a formal interview, as well as the appropriate job training once hired. Employees assist customers with purchases, perform cashier duties, prepare daily specials, stock shelves, follow sanitary guidelines, as well as provide friendly customer service.

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