Forrester-Davis Development Center


Forrester-Davis Development Center's philosophy is that all people, regardless of individual differences and intellectual abilities, have an inalienable right to an educational and/or vocational program which is consistent with their needs and helps them to achieve their maximum potential. Therefore, F.D.D.C.'s primary responsibility is to provide the best possible programs for these individuals in an effort to maximize their achievement and improve their quality of life.

Our History

Our center was first developed by a group of families in 1971. At that time the Center was named Johnson County Child Development. in 1974, the name was changed to Johnson County Center for Exceptional Children. In 1984, the was again changed to the Don. E. Davis Memorial Center. The Center became Forrester-Davis Development Center in 1988. Forrester-Davis Development Center has evolved to serving children and adults with special needs. We have a grown form one building to a campus of four buildings.

In the 1980's, services to school age children decreased significantly, as public schools became responsible for providing special education services. As a result in 1983-84, the Center began to focus on providing services to the preschool population with developmental delays. In the early nineties, the Children's Program became integrated, serving disabled and traditional preschoolers. Over the years, the Children's Program has grown to provide quality services to over 120 children, with and without disabilities. Services include early childhood special education instruction and physical, occupational, and speech/language therapies.

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